Friday, February 23, 2007

Next stop: The Big Easy

What's goin' on, party people?

This will probably be the last time I post for about a week or so. I'm leaving for New Orleans in a couple of days. I'll be taking my laptop with me; though I'm not counting on the facility being wireless-ready (It's far more like a shelter than it is a Starbucks). Depending on how I feel, what goes down, and whether or not I'll be able to access the 'net, I may do a little day-to-day commentary. But if not, I'll be sure to let you all know how things went when I get back.

Please keep our group in your prayers. More importantly, keep the people of the Gulf Coast (along with the countless others worldwide who continue to suffer daily) in your prayers. Peace!


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Joy Beagle said...

Best wishes for safe travel down in the gulf! As a former New Orleans resident, you bet your blog I'll put my paws together and make some prayers for you AND the residents of the area. Nice site, I came across it randomly but enjoyed what I had time to read!

Andre said...

Wow. I can't say that I ever received a visit from a kanine blog (of course, with the human sidekick). But, thanks for stopping by.

I was also pretty excited to hear that you're a former Naw'lins resident. I can imagine that the last couple of years have been especially difficult for you. Stay encouraged, my friend.

Joanne said...

Have a good time in New Orleans, Andre. I'll be praying for your safe arrival and safe return.

I'm proud of you for doing this.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope you have a great time and enjoy whatever it is you are doing. I will keep you and the coast in the prayers.

Thanks for the comment by the way.

Shalom my friend-perez

Malik said...

Good luck on your journey brother. I'll be looking forward to your insights when you return. I'll offer a prayer for you.

HeiressChild said...

safe travels andre

Greeneyes said...

Andre~My Greeneyed Handsome KING,

May God watch over you and your group and keep you safe . I will be praying for you while you are gone , have a good time , I cannot wait to read all about it , hopefully you will have a post with all the details . be safe ,have fun ,God Bless .

Will be thinking of you (WINK*)


Cynthia said...

*Praying for your safety and for the victims.

Be safe and have fun, relatively speaking! :)

The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
Have fun, throw lots of beads. See ya when you get back.