Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What if?

Though we don't always see eye-to-eye on everything, my blogging buddy Will raised some interesting questions about our faith.

Be prepared to be challenged.


4 "Insiders" spoke their mind. Join in...:

Will Luongo said...

I will definitely have to check it out, that Will guy sounds pretty smart. ;)

Seriously though, I am flattered by the link, thank you so much.

Joslyn said...

Good food for thought, Andre/Will!

Just like love, Christianity is an ACTION verb. You can't just appear to be one, you have to LIVE to be one. That means constant change and growth.

Godd piece.


saved sinner said...

You nailed it Joslyn. Living for Christ means that we ACTUALLY live, not just speak it or profess it. LIVE IT!

Good post Will.

Andre said...

@ Will: You blessed me first, my friend...

@ Jos: Preach, preacha. You're absolutely correct.

@ Saved: Christianity is about 3% profession and 97% activity. Good call, Rob.