Monday, January 01, 2007

Bowl-ing for Justice

As if watching my beloved Dallas Cowboys lose to the miserably bad Detroit Lions wasn't enough, I had to sit back helplessly as my heroes in the Maize and Blue had their tooshies handed to them by USC. Dag! I can just feel a lashing coming on from Aldo any moment now...

As I stated before, there is no justice left in the world of college football.

But at least Boise State gave me something to celebrate. If you guys missed this game, I'm sorry for you. You missed a classic! Congrats guys.


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JJM said...

(1) You Cowboys suck. Should there be any suprise that they lost?!

(2) The bowl games this season are further evidence that a playoff is needed. Once the NCAA and the college presidents get that, things should shape out to be pretty interesting.

Andre said...


(1) Must I get on your Raiders?! Thank you.

(2) I agree that a playoff system has to be adopted. It'll make college football even MORE fun to watch than what it already is. That's what I think, anyway.

ajbendaña said...

JMM you suck, the cowboys rock!!!
Watch as we rape seatle.

As for the good ole Maize and blue, those suckers feeling as blue as those uniforms. I will save my comments till after monday.

ajbendaña said...

PS happy new year Andre and friends!

Andre said...

Right on time. As I figured, it wouldn't be too long before a certain player-hater gator would find his way to my blog to gloat.

If Florida wins it all, I will post a special entry for you and all of your Gator fans. If not, well...we still won't have an answer to who's number 2.

ajbendaña said...

sounds good