Monday, November 06, 2006

Mid-term elections. Who cares?!

Man. I’ll be so frickin’ glad when all of this election nonsense is over. I don't think I'll ever again really have a sense of excitement and appreciation for the political process until the two-party system is abolished. As it currently stands, the Democratic agenda is really no different than the Republican agenda. Both groups place the highest value on gaining and maintaining political power, as opposed to solving any of the nation’s problems; especially for minorities. Frankly, I don’t care who gains control tomorrow. Both parties are evil (Democrats, however, will at least pretend to be concerned about minorities). Ideologically, neither side has really impressed me during my short stint with the political world. All I know is that Democrats seem to love higher taxes and Republicans love to beat up on anybody who is different from the status quo.

I hate to sound like a fatalist right now, but I hardly doubt that – regardless of the election outcome tomorrow – we would have done much to combat the heavily concentrated political divide in this country. It’s not secret that we’ve become as polarized as Earth is to planet Zoltron. Instead, what seems to be the big secret is how we bridge that gap.

One thing’s for sure: November 7th won’t give us the answer we’re looking for…


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green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi My Sweet Greeneyed man ,

I hope you are soon going to get some rest , I know you are busy with life ,work, school, helping with the pre-vote stuff and everything else you have been busy as a beaver doing,you need to take time for you and get more sleep than what you said in your email !!!!!!!
regarding Your email ,I replied to it late last night ,I think it(mine) is a little long but once I start talking to you it is hard to stop ,just bring a snack ,
haha haha :0)-,
thank you by the way for your sweet words and sending the pics , they are great ,especailly blown up 8x10 LOL your email made my weekend and the secret is out ,,,your eyes are gorgeous !!!!!!

Hope your political woes are resolved soon but that in reality is a fairy tale ,when politics are involved their is no winner for the people sad ,sad ,sad :{

I hope you stay warm , I think we get more snow than you , but your welcome to have it all !! keep safe in that BIG city ,God Bless

Greeneyes *Wink*

thehc said...

Hey Dre,
So what you got against my homeland of Zoltron? If you Earthlings would stop your partisan attacks on us Zoltronians their wouldn't be so much animosity between us. I'm with you though, I'm sick of all the ads, hype, lies and spins by both sides. Third Party anyone? Maybe one that represents safer streets, stronger labor, cleaner environment, better schools, Universal heath care for children at the very least, and a sane foreign policy? Sigh. It CAN be done if we stop this stupid party loyalty that neither side deserves. In the meantime, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. They only count those that count.

Andre said...

@ greeny: Hey there, my green-eyed queen. I can't say that things have slowed down any, but I'm making it.

I took the day off yesterday to work and the polls. Though I've tried to get pretty active in the political arena lately, it was my first time actually working the polls. There wasn't much to it. If anything, I'd say that the work I did was pretty mundane. But, I had a chance to sneak out of the incessant traffic that made up my life recently.

The results of the election have me a bit unnerved (I'll be writing on it soon, as time permits). But, such is nature of the beast I guess.

Finally, I'm glad you got the email. But, I'm sorry to say: I didn't get your response. Would you mind resending it? I'm really curious to see what you had to say. Feel free to send it to either my hotmail or my University account. Thanx!

I'll be waiting, my queen...

@ HC: What's up guy? I completely agree with you (on the issue of party loyalty; not on the Zoltronian thing. That comment was just weird). Everybody's so excited about Dems regaining control. Not me. I really don't care. They're gonna screw things up just as bad as the GOP.

This isn't say that I've reached the point of complete political apathy. It's just that I'm for moving toward a more complete system; which can only come when we stop supporting a party and start supporting PEOPLE.

To be continued...

By the way, your blog is down again. I can't access it. Oh well, I'll try again!

Joanne said...

I don't know about you, but I'm glad that the elections are over.
After hearing so many negative ads, I really can't tell who was REALLY out there for me and who was just trying to gather votes.

At least we don't have to see this mess for another two years!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Andre` My Greeneyed handsome man ,

I bet you are all twisted up with the voting and the politics scence right now , Get some rest if you can !Still looking at your pics , :0)


Hope your vote counted !!

MY email is resent to both accounts please let me know if you recieve it , Thank you .Have a great day Andre , be safe ,God Bless

Diane said...

Oh, Andre....come out, come out, wherever you are... ;D

So you're busy, busy, huh?

I miss your posts, but I realize that real life has to take precedent sometimes over blogging. Hope you take time to slow down and rest this weekend, and that it's a good one for you.

And anytime you make it down Arkansas way, let me know and I'll cook up a Southern feast for you, my friend. Seriously....



Andre said...

@ Joanne: I agree. Now that this nonsense is over, my ESPN doesn't need to be interrupted by political ads. The people have spoken. Now it's time to see if they made the right choice.

@ Greeny: I got your email, thanx. I sent you a reply. If you have to read it in increments, I COMPLETELY understand. LOL!

I'm glad that the elections are now over and some politicians can finally get back to work. We'll see how this whole thing pans out.

@ Diane: What's going on, granny? Yep. Life has been moving faster than I can keep track of (ironic for somebody living in a small city). But I'm making it.

Thanks for your continued support, prayers, and encouragement. It means a lot!