Sunday, November 26, 2006

Blank, empty, and devoid

Hey all. It's been a week since my last post; and a little longer since my last meaningful post. I've just been incredibly swamped lately. But fortunately, I was able to do a little unwinding for the Thanksgiving break. I gave myself some "me time" and spent a couple of days in DC (sorry to invade your turf with calling first Mari). I had been there once before; but the visit was pretty brief. This time around however, I had the opportuntity to do a little bit more while I was there. Hooking up with an old college friend, seeing the monuments, going to a couple of museums, visiting the federal buildings, touring the downtown area. Overall, I'd say that I had a good time; odd for a person who hates politics. Eh, Greeny?

At any rate, the semester is winding down and I'm at the home stretch. My thesis proposal is due in two weeks and will likely steal most of my time. But if I have any random and spontaneous thoughts to share -- rest assured -- I'll let you in on them. Until then, stay blessed and stay safe!


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green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hello My Greeneyed Glorious man

You are so busy all the time nice to see you take a little ME time and take in the sites . Hate Politics Huh , nahhhhhhh , I say you are secretly learning all you can so you can run for some office in the future and that is what you were doing in DC, checking out your future DIGS !!!!With your passion I think you could make a difference , come on ya know ya wanna !!!! ((hows that for sentence structure )))
I missed you when you were gone for so long , but I have been slammmed this way as well and hopefully it is all in ebb and flow ! Good luck with your Thesis proposal (as if you need it !!!)
I owe you an email which is long overdue , a full day of cooking for me tommorow , Cabbage rolls /Home made bread ,meat balls ,sweet sour BBQ Chicken , Mac and cheese ,a few deserts thrown in for the hips :0) aLL I need is one fork LOL
HAHAHAHAH weird combo I guess but it is for a group , too bad you live so far away , :(

Hope you get some random and spontaneous thoughts :0)
Stay safe ,warm and God Bless you in that big CITY

Country mouse

Joslyn said...

Hey Andre!

Thanks again for those directions to the airport! James had to take his son and the person who was supposed to ride with him was in a very deep sleep. Andre saves the day!

Glad to see that you got a chance to get away! Gotta catch you up on what happened to me this weekend. You know that it was hilarious!

Kim said...


We missed you this year. Don't let Robin influence you into being a "family avoiding" "holiday hating" intravert. You can make it up to me for Christmas. I promise there will be no presents, and I'll put away my James Brown Christmas cd. Just lots of food and I'll buy you a ticket to Dreamgirls.

okay, just one James Brown song! "Santa Claus, go straight to the ghetto" :)

Love you!

Big sis

Andre said...

@ Greeny: Hey my queen. "Me time" is a rare commodity these days so when it comes, I'm grabbing it.

As much as I love to hear you beg for me to go politicing (it's curiously arousing); the only thing being in DC has taught me is that corruption comes in a beauty and aesthetic package. It's something from which I need to stay COMPLETELY away! :)

Sorry that you've been bogged down lately. 'Tis the season, I guess. Given how you've been busy, I'm not pressing you for emails or in-depth responses. A simple 'hello' makes my day. Besides, how do you plan to make all those succulent dishes when you're goofin' around on a computer (and, trust me when I say, your menu sounds deeee-lish!)?!

@ Jos: No prob. To coin a phrase I heard somewhere: "I'm never lost because everybody's always telling me where to go."

*crickets chirping*

Never mind.

@ Kim: Uh...what?

Anyway, I'm going to New York for Christmas so I might miss you again. I guess it depends on how long you'll be here. But, I'll be sure to hit you before then.

JJM said...

Hmmm. Andre being empty-headed. What else is new?


Marianita said...

Isn't DC nice?!?!?!

I like it here. I wouldn't want to live here forever, but a few years wouldn't kill me :)

PS- Sorry about Michigan but GO GATORS!!!

Andre said...

J, you suck.

@ Mari: I had a blast in DC. I agree that it's probably not a place where I'd wanna settle, but I'd visit as often as I could.