Thursday, November 16, 2006

100 things to know about Andre

I was over on Diane's page the other day. I noticed a post with "1oo things..." about her. Since I'm in the habit of stealing her ideas, why stop now?

I had been working on this one for quite some time; adding tidbits as they came to me. I would've never guessed that talking about myself could be so exhausting.

At any rate, here are 100 Things to Know about me:

  1. I’m the fourth of five children; the oldest boy.
  2. I’m stubborn as a mule. No. Worse...
  3. I worry about stuff too much.
  4. Opposite of the previous point, I can also be annoyingly apathetic about many things (so I'm told). “Whatever” is probably the most frequently used word in my vocabulary.
  5. I’m the only person in my immediate family with green eyes.
  6. In high school, I got the sixth highest ACT score in my entire graduating class, despite sleeping through large chunks of it.
  7. I'm a perfectionist.
  8. I hate long distance driving.
  9. I’m lazy.
  10. I’m not very sociable.
  11. I don’t care that I’m not very sociable (refer back to point #4)
  12. I’m cheap.
  13. Likewise, I hate spending money.
  14. As much as I talk about how I don’t like them, I get along well with young children. For some reason, they seem to be fascinated with me.
  15. I hate un-straightened rugs.
  16. I’m a neat freak at home.
  17. Inversely, I’m an unorganized slouch in my office.
  18. I hate making up my bed.
  19. I’m very impatient.
  20. I can draw just about any cartoon character around.
  21. My favorite food is pizza with feta cheese and black olives.
  22. I hate reality shows.
  23. One of my eyes is smaller than the other.
  24. I'm an 80's brat. I've seen every episode of Jem, Transformers, Thundercats, and He-Man.
  25. I don’t like politicians.
  26. I’m very argumentative. Sometimes I play Devil’s Advocate just to find something to argue about.
  27. I talk in my sleep.
  28. I can’t swim.
  29. I stutter. When I’m presenting at large forums (conferences, workshops, etc.), I don’t stutter as much. Odd, huh?
  30. I’m a nice guy. A really nice guy. A really, really, nice guy. Sometimes to my detriment.
  31. I hate ironing clothes.
  32. If you look closely, I’ve got small freckles on my cheeks.
  33. I don’t like holidays.
  34. When it comes to “courting” with women, I’m incredibly shy.
  35. I hate admitting when I’m wrong.
  36. My favorite beverage is Apple Juice. A close second is my Kool-Aid. Third is my sister’s Kool-Aid. Fourth is my nephew’s mother’s Kool-Aid. Rounding out the group is A&W Cream Soda.
  37. I try to avoid confrontation. Both a good thing and a bad thing, it seems…
  38. I gripe too much.
  39. I hate feet and toes. Unless I’m just getting out of the shower, you probably won’t catch me without socks on.
  40. My favorite TV show is the Twilight Zone. Others include House M.D., Alias, Spongebob Squarepants, Law & Order: SVU, Nip/Tuck (before the Carver nonsense at the end of season 3, anyway), and Married w/ Children (*wink @ Greeny).
  41. I’m the only male employee in my department (we’ve contracted a guy from Ann Arbor, but he’s only here once a week).
  42. I hate losing to other people in Jeopardy.
  43. I’m a procrastinator.
  44. My favorite book in the Bible is Proverbs. It’s the only book I’ve read in its entirety.
  45. I tend to provide unsolicited advice (though I’m really getting better at this one.)
  46. I can’t dance. My running joke is that I’m the only black person on the planet without rhythm. But I’m starting to think it’s true.
  47. My favorite song is “In the Still of the Night”
  48. I correct people’s grammar (but only when it’s just horrid).
  49. I often say stupid things at the wrong time.
  50. Fall is my favorite season.
  51. I find value in what people say and think; even if I disagree with it.
  52. I can’t parallel park.
  53. I’m very moody.
  54. I don’t like flowers.
  55. I’ve got small moles that stick out on my neck and under my left arm.
  56. My favorite musicians are Earl Klugh, Norman Brown, Tony Roster, Jr., and Miles Davis.
  57. I don’t know how to sew.
  58. I get irritable when I don’t get enough sleep.
  59. On a related note, I sleep too much.
  60. As an undergrad, I had a crush on a professor on our campus. Too bad she's married.
  61. I’m a self-taught drummer.
  62. My favorite colors are earth tones; especially green.
  63. Sometimes I act first and think second.
  64. It’s always been my dream to play in a band.
  65. I don’t take compliments very well.
  66. I love working outdoors.
  67. Ironically, my favorite quality in a woman is sociability (odd for someone who isn't sociable himself).
  68. My ultimate career goal is to become a Chancellor or President at a major college or university (The University of Michigan, perhaps?)
  69. I get defensive easily.
  70. I think that good can be evil and vice versa; depending on whose version you hear and why they say/believe it.
  71. I once had a crush on Babs Bunny, from the Animanics cartoon.
  72. I look too much into some things.
  73. I have a bad habit of getting people angry, even if it’s not my intention.
  74. I can cook pretty well.
  75. I’m not very good at making small talk.
  76. I have a fervent dislike for most celebrities
  77. I try to find shortcuts too often.
  78. I was accepted into six out of seven colleges I applied to as a high school senior (Arizona State, U of M – Ann Arbor, U of M- Flint, Depaul University, Morehouse College, and the Ohio State University; denied by Kettering University)
  79. I was only accepted into three of the five grad schools I applied to (U of M-Flint, U of M-Ann Arbor and Indiana University; rejected by Arizona State and the University of Chicago; my two top choices).
  80. I was a vegetarian for four weeks. Then I had a hamburger.
  81. As a child and an early teen, I habitually suffered from nose bleeds.
  82. I don’t have a hard time making friends. The challenge comes in keeping them.
  83. I want to write at least three books before I die.
  84. When I first started understanding politics in high school, I wanted to register as a Republican. Pretty ironic, huh Hippie?
  85. My siblings jokingly nicknamed me “The Captain” because I’m selfless and always “saving” others, even when they don’t reciprocate it. But lately, this is starting to change a bit for me. I’m starting to get more self-centered; but not in a bad way.
  86. I’m allergic to cats. Interestingly, I just found this out with my neighbor’s feline.
  87. I get comfortable/complacent too easily.
  88. I’m pretty submissive to others. Very seldomly do things happen “the way I want them to.”
  89. I’m horribly ticklish on my neck, especially around my mole.
  90. My political views are slanted toward being socialist.
  91. I’m highly opinionated…about everything (I mean, you’ve read my blog, haven’t you?!)
  92. I don’t drink alcohol, do drugs, or smoke.
  93. I can move my left ear.
  94. I don't like waiting at traffic lights (if no one's around, I'll run them). Goes back to being impatient.
  95. I don't always speak my mind when I should. Oppositely, sometimes I do speak my mind when I shouldn't.
  96. I’m ignorant when it comes to cars.
  97. I love watching lightning storms.
  98. My favorite game is Monopoly.
  99. If I could between being rich or being in love, I’d choose being rich.
  100. Above everything, I'm a sinner redeemed by the Cross.

Well, that was fun. Now it's back to work I go. Lots to do before this weekend. Have a blessed rest of the week!


9 "Insiders" spoke their mind. Join in...:

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Ohhhhhhhh How I enjoy this list !!!!!!!!!Thank you for sharing , it is so nice to get to know you better .You are pretty impressive .
I would not think you shy, as you have so much going for you ,it goes to show that there is more to each and everyone of us than meets the eye.
My personality would be to relish in the analytical factor of why you are this and that and so On, only in a "I wonder" way ,not to be judgemental ,I am never judgemental !!!!!!!.That is the psychoanalyst coming out in me ,I always wonder why people are the way they are ,nature vs nurture ,what issues caused them to have this behaviour ,come lay on my couch ! whoops I have a cat , better get the antihistamines !
There are many things that make a great man , you have a large number of them .

On the sweet side
Automatically certain things poke out ,like how ticklish you are around your mole , (NICE TO KNOW Captain .wink *),children are fascinated with you ,
Astonishing we are alike in many ways outside of our green peepers !
pizza,apple juice ,straightened rugs,TV choices ,worrying,ironing and so on ,
Thank you for letting me inside your head!!!LoL I like it in here even if there are dark and scary places (*GIGGLE*),it is interesting and more inviting than you think!


Karen said...

I agree with green eyed girl. This was a great post. It really helps to put a personality behind the picture and the words.

thehc said...

You, a closet Republican? I'm shattered. I think I know now why you visit my site. Secretly agreeing with all my conservative views when no one's looking.(LOL) What's next? Rosie O'Donnell's straight? Bush is secretly a genius? Steven Segal has trouble getting angry? Man, just when you think ya know a guy.

Diane said...

I just tried to leave a long comment, and Demon Blogger's "Scheduled Maintenance" flung it into cyberspace. Boo...hiss....

Once more, with feeling....

Thanks for the link, Andre. Feel free to steal from me anytime. After all, what are friends for, and you DO live in Flint... ;D

I really loved your 100 Things list. I have been waiting for this ever since you mentioned in the comments on my 100 Things post that you might do your own.

You might be surprised how many times I was nodding my head in agreement with you as I read this. We have more things in common than you might think. And although it's good and even necessary to have some things in common in a relationship, I think it's just as necessary to have some differences. It keeps things interesting and keeps things from going stagnant. That's romantic as well as friendly relationships, in my opinion.

It's natural for a person to want to present their best side to others, but you did a good job of being honest about yourself. As I said, those things keep things interesting. ;D

Good job, Andre. I love you anyway, (your percieved) warts and all. :-)

You've got me scratching my figurative head over the toes and feet thing, though..... ;-)

JJM said...

Gasp! You're a card carrying member of the GOP!

Some say that a person's initial actions/decisions are based on their inherent tendencies. I guess that means that you really ARE a Republican. Oh noooooo!

I guess that means I have to start hating you now.

Yasser Rahman said...

thats a lot of stuff about you Andre! YOur very different from what ive always percived you to be!

Marianita said...


I'm gonna have to steal this idea from you!

I'm not gonna lie, it's sad that you'd rather be rich than be in love :(

I think I'll have to blog about that too...

Anyway, good post, very interesting!!!

Joanne said...

This is such an interesting spin on your personality. Even though most of your "100 things" focused on things you "hate", I get a sense that there's more love and kindness behind you as you point out.

I had a great time reading this. Thank you for sharing it!

Andre said...

@ Greeny: I agree with you about the interest of doing personality assessments and behavioral analysis. I've always been fascinated at learning how and why people do things (like CERTAIN people sending off subtle messages that they plan to attack the ticklish part of my mole). I guess that everything is fair game once I unlock the door to my head. If after all that you're still around, you're definitely a KEEPER! ;-)

Later, alligator.

@ Karen: Thanks Karen. This isn't anything but a trip through my boring life using HTML. But I'm glad that you're enjoying the ride.

@ HC: I think you may have missed the part about how I "thought" I wanted to be Republican. But then I grew up, got a little more intelligent, a little less religious, and a little more compassionate. Thank God high school is over!

By the way, I'm already well aware that you didn't turn over to the dark side. You're too strong Luke.

@ Diane: Hey granny! Thanx for letting me steal your idea (contrary to belief, the folks don't steal alot. They just kill people...).

I agree that it's positive and fruitful to identify things that are shared in common; but equally important to be realistic about having things with which there is no commonality. Frankly, I don't want to be around people who always agree with me. That tells me that I'm either ALWAYS right (which is fun for a little while, but the novelty wears off eventually). I encourage people to challenge me and to question me. In doing so I often see that I can be wr...wr...wr...wr...wron...wrong about some things. *Note: That wasn't my stutter. That was me trying to finally admit that I could be wrong about something. *smile*

As for the feet thing: ewww! Maybe it's got somethin' to do with my momma always putting her feet on me, but the things gross me out. Even the word is sick. "Feet". Urgh.

@ JJM: Whatever man. You're the last one to talk. Your mom voted Republican (Yeah. I haven't forgetten about that conversation in your living room...)

Enough said.

@ Yasser: Hey Yas. Long time. But, I'm sure that the life of young; yet incredibly impressive intellectual has to be demanding.

I'm interested to know how I was perceived. Some think that I was the typical angry black man; but I think I've started to pull away from that some.

@ Mari: Hey, my love.

I don't see the tragedy behind preferring riches over love. Some say that "money can't buy you love". I agree to an extend. But money CAN buy the THINGS you love. Don't get me wrong: I'm not -- by ANY stretch -- one of those who discounts love and human relationship over wealth (i.e. Ebeneezer Scrooge). People DO need companionship in their life. But, I've dealt with love (the eros love); with negative results. So, at this point of my life, I'd like to try new things; among those, being rich.

Love? Been there, done that. Being rich? Haven't been there, would LOVE to do that.

@ Joanne: I tried to be pretty indiscriminate with the things I love/hate. But, I guess that in the end I hated more stuff than I like. But, this was just portrayed on my list. I'm actually a very happy person, content with the life God has blessed me with.

Thanks to everyone for your comments!