Wednesday, August 09, 2006

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Time for yet another installment of Andre's miscellaneous news. Sorry:

Terrorist Plot Twarted?
It's just been reported that a suspected terrorist plot was twarted by U.S. and British officials today. Accroding to U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, a group of terrorists (possibly linked to Al-Qaeda) were in the "final stages" of executing their plans to detonate explosives on several passenger planes headed to major US and UK cities. Immediately following the apprehension of 21 suspects, each country's governments raised their security alerts.

What's interesting is that the suspects who were apprehended weren't even at the airport. They were arrested in a British suburb. Apparently, the British Feds used a "covert counter-terrorist operation" to gather their 'intelligence'. Is this really what happened? Did the Brits really have sufficient evidence to suggest a terrorist plot? Or is this another lie used to garner more support on this so-called "war on terror"? Perhaps the bigger question for Americans is: will this give Dubya the green light to continue spying on people at will?

Civil War in Iraq?
Last week in Washington, DC, two top U.S. Generals were put on the record by stating that the continued violence in Iraq could soon catapult the country into a civil war. So while Israel and Hezbollah continue to bang heads, the quickly forgotten chaos in Iraq is also getting worse.

Your president has done a pretty good job of proving that he can't effectively run a campaign against 'terrorism' in Iraq, so I'm not liking the chances of instant resolution any other Middle Eastern conflicts. Geez. If only those idiotic Democrats did a good job of communicating Bush's failures in 2004. Sure Bush tried (and apparently succeeded) to suggest that he hadn't made any mistakes with this war. Now, at least, he kinda sorta said that he may have been a little off; maybe by a small, itty-bitty bit. If the Dems are smart (that's a joke), they'd capitalize on this to shift the Congressional balance of power. The change might pressure the Prez to come up with a more realistic tragedy for handling Iraq and preventing a civil war. But, apparently, that's too much to ask.

It's interesting to note that during the hearings, your boy Rummy pretty much just sat there...

More fighting in Lebanon
Speaking of the Israel/Hezebollah pay-per-view death match, it doesn't appear that the conflict is going to get better any time soon. As my esteemed blogger buddy pointed out, this thing has reached a point of critical mass. Lebanese civilians are getting killed. Israelis are dying by the loads. Hezebollah forces are getting annihilated. UN facilities are getting bombed. At least one Canadian, Fin, Austrian, and Chinese casualty has been recorded. Israel is even attacking the Red Cross.

Pretty soon, we might be calling this World War III.

Please, please, please, continue to pray for this conflict to end.

Arrested for doing good?
We’ve just hit a new low.

According to this article, the City Council of Las Vegas, Nevada just made it illegal to give food to homeless people in city parks. In a city that uses money as toilet paper, citizens can get arrested for feeding the homeless.

As insightful as I try to be, I can’t think of anything to say that doesn’t have at least three different obscenities in it. So, I’ll leave it up to you to use your imagination to tell what I’m thinking right now…

House passes bill to raise minimum wage; Congress looks to cut more taxes
Last week, the House of Representatives voted to raise the minimum wage to $7.25/hr. In all liklihood, the bill won't pass on the Senate floor. If it doesn't, I can't say that I'd be suprised. Over the past few years, Republicans have made it clear that providing tax relief for the wealthy is the more important issue.

Interestingly, the GOP tried to connect the wage increase to a cut in incomes taxes, But, for you non-economists out there, this isn't something that we can afford to do, especially with this expensive a** war on our hands. Furthermore, unless I'm proven wrong: I haven't read anything to suggest that Congress will refund some of the educational tax cuts that are expired or close to expiring. In a time where tuition prices are shooting through the roof, Congress will continue deny tax relief for poor students. The GOP should be put on a political time-out.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for raising minimum wage, especially given the rise in inflation. But, with all of this tax manipulation that Congress is doing, raising minimum wage is something that you and I can't afford. But, as long as those wealthy guys are being taken care of, everything is kosher, right?!

Scientist advocates culling
This is a pretty old story but it still amazes me. According to reports, a "top scientist" presented a speech at the Texas Academy of Science where he advocated the mass culling of 90% of the human population. This moron argues that the Ebola virus should be used to eliminate 90% of the world’s population since this so-called AIDS virus is not eliminating people fast enough. Perhaps the most disturbing part of this story is that some of his colleagues and fellow 'academics' supported his ideas. He received a standing ovation.

This begs an important question. Will Dr. Death be one of the first to volunteer?

MTV show generates racial controversy
I just read that MTV is drawing criticism about a new cartoon it just released. The cartoon "Where My Dogs At"; about the misadventures of two stray dogs in Hollywood; generated controvery because a scene included bikini-clad women on all fours and leashed up while deficating on the floor (of course, that part was digitally distorted. It's a 'teenage appropriate' cartoon). This scene was done in parody to an actual video by "artist" Snoop Doggy Dog; who actually produced a video with several women wearing neck collars and chains.

Some prominent African-American leaders have spoken out, condemning the show. Usually, I'd be inclined to agree. But where's the outrage for the real bikini-clad women parading around like property in real hip hop videos?! I mean, that's all we see on stations like BET. Why aren't these protestors opposing that?!

Hypocrisy at its finest, I guess...

Bush gives himself more power
According to this article, King George just gave himself permission to give himself more power. The Presidential Empowerment Act, created by on White House stationery and immediately signed into law, gives Bush full authority to grant himself the power to increase his control over all three branches of the federal government.

*Note to my Bush-supporting readers* This story is only satire. I just wanted to throw in a little humor amongst the other ridiculous headlines. Please don’t send me any more hate mail…

I think that's it for now. But sadly, I wouldn't count on it...


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thehc said...

Hey Andre,
As you know, I love these posts. So much to comment on.
1) When would be a good time to arrest these people? When they're at the airport with explosives standing with hundreds of people? I'm not sure I understand your point, surely your not suggesting we should wait until the people are in peril to do something.
2)As a hunter, I have donated meat from deer to Sportsmen against Hunger. We ran into the same problems, groups (mostly anti-hunters) said the meat wasn't USDA inspected so it wasn't good enough to give to people who rummage thru dumpsters. WTF
3)I'm being a little picky here, but the estate tax is not an "income tax" as you can be taxed on property even if you don't sell it and gain any "income". However, I find it ridiculous and down right shady to attach estate tax cuts for people with millions to a bill to help people with the least. If Republicans expect people to work and stay off welfare rolls, then they should defend and support people on the poor end who work.
4)Yikes! I'm guessing none of HIS family are on his list to die.
5)Total agreement.
6)The scary part is for a minute I really thought that could be true.
Great post thanks for the fun.

Andre said...

@ HC: Thanks for stopping by. As usual, I am to please. At your responses:

(1) That's exactly what I'm trying to say. I'm getting really sick of all of the "pre-emptive" nonsense. It's giving the government too much power to arrest whomever they want WHEN they want. I'm bothered by that.

(2) That's not what the LV City Council had in mind. I think they were pushing the argument "If you feed them, they will come". Out of sight, out of mind I guess.

(3) Thanks for the clarification on estate taxes. Also, you're absolutely on point with how ridiculous this bill is and the damage that it will do to the poor.

(4) That scientist is an idiot. He makes a prime candidate for natural deselection.

I just hope he's not allowed to breed...

(5) Stupid BET. Then again, people who cry race to everything are stupid stupidheads too.

(6) Give it time. The Onion might just be in the business of clairvoyance after all.

Thanks for taking a moment from your Grand 'Old Pleasant day to stop by! >:)

Andre said...

I meant to say, "I AIM to please..."

Anonymous said...

I really don't have a comment about most of your stories. But I'm disturbed by your response to the most recent story about the foiled terrorist attack. Are you saying that you'd rather see people in danger than to stop it before it has a chance to happen?!?!? what sense would that make?

Anonymous said...

I tell you. you liberals wil have us being the whipping child of the world

thehc said...

Still trying to stuff me in that Republican pigeonhole hmmm? Ever hear a Republican defend the poor as much as I do? Didn't think so. My roots grow deep, don't let what you think you see on the top fool you. I remember where I came from, and how lucky I was to get out.

Andre said...

@ anonymous #1: I would never insinuate that the only way to catch "bad guys" is to catch them in the act. I'm just not in favorite of the government doing pre-emptive stuff, unless they can prove that it's justified.

If their evidence of future wrong-doing on these guys is so compelling, why haven't they released it? Will they?

@ anonymous #2 (possibly number 1?): Just in case you're a newcomer to "Andre's Head", let me tell you that I don't like Democrats. It's just that I don't like Republicans more...

@ HC: The force is still in you, young Jedi. Though it's not as strong as it once was... >:)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Andre~ My Gem<;0}
Well you are a fountain of info of varied topics today , I likey , some very scary things going on around the planet ,makes ye ( we use that(ye) here alot , slang) want to curl up in the fetal position and wait for it ot be over sometimes !but we need to know.
as usual you are
Very interesting , thanks ,If I may ask where do you get most your info ?
Hope you have a great weekend and get out and have some fun, and hang in there (church) hopefully it will get better:}
I still say you should run for some Political office ! you have a passion for it , take care ((()))

Diane said...

Hey, Andre, I'll go ahead and comment here about your last post RE: your church even though this has absolutely nothing to do with this current post. ;-)

What I said in the comment that Demon Blogger spontaneously ingested was this:

I went through a tough time in another church 16 years ago. A handful of people in the church took it upon themselves to ask the pastor to resign in a secret meeting. This was just the culmination of a bunch of shady dealings, and I and my family and a good 2/3 of the members chose to leave that church. No name-calling or fighting, just resigned our positions and left. I'm very happy and fulfilled at my current church home, where I've been for the last 16 years since I moved my membership from that church.

As I see it, you have several choices here. You can go to your church leaders and tell them the Truth, in Love, about your concerns for the way things are being done in your church. If things are done to bring the church back in line with God's will, Praise the Lord!! If not, I would be prayerfully looking for another church to serve in, where you'll be fulfilled and your talents and gifts will be used for the Lord. If your church continues on its present course and doesn't get back in God's will, He WILL bring judgment and chastisement on that body. Do you want to be chastened along with those who deserve it, even though you might not have a part in the rebellion?

None of the options are easy, Andre. I know. I was wounded for at LEAST a year. Really, longer. I did grow as a Christian and learn a lot from my experience.

Whatever you choose to do, be sure to bathe your decision in prayer. Be sure you have peace about what God wants you to do, whether it's to speak to your pastor, move to another church or stay and wait it out.

Whatever your decision, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers, Andre. Let me know how it's going from time to time, my friend. I care, truly. :-)

Andre said...

@ Greeny: Hey my love!

You're absolutely right. With all the happenings in the world, I just want to hide in my closet with a small ration of food, my laptop, and a good book and wait for all this stuff to pass over (if, in fact, it ever does...). I wonder what God is trying to say through all of this.

To answer your question: I get most of my news from...well...watching the news or reading it on various websites. Most of my favorite sites are actually linked right on my page. I try to keep my eyes and ears opened to all the stuff going on in the world.

Thanks for stopping by, as always. I always seem to cheese whenever I see that rosey .gif thing in my comment section!

By the way, I'd never run for office. Nobody would vote for me...

@ Diane: I'm sorry that you had to rewrite your comment; but I'm glad you did. It really gave me another dimension to consider.

As it stands, I've been creating sort of a 'laundry list' of the things I want to address with my Pastor. I wish that I had a little more support (strength in numbers), but I've typically had to express the difficult issues by myself. People would come up to me afterwards and say "Great point" or "That had to be said", but not too many people would actually stand with me as I do it.

Be that as it may, this issue is too important to my heart to let it go unchecked.

Thank you for objectively helping me to see my dilemma from a spiritual standpoint. I think that I was so angry and unnerved by what's been going on at my church that I took the Biblical approach OUT of my way sight. But, by God's grace, people like you pop up and remind me of how to align myself with God in everything I do.

Thank you endlessly!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hello Andre` My Sweet GEM,

I Will hide in my closet and you in yours and you can send me the news highlights haha and we can chat :0). It can be very harsh out there without someone to flirt with !>:}
I have read different views on what is happening in our world today , from Nostradamus (spelling???)the world is going to end with the floods , wars , fire from the skies ,,,etc which todays world seems to be parallel with his visions , to scientist believing History repeats itself in all aspects with slight differences but with the same result ,,the end of the world coming and then a catalyst like the BIg Bang to start us over again .SIGHHHHH* Coming from a small place , we can be sheltered from alot of the madness but feel it just the same .The world is out of control.or rahter the people in control are out of control!

That is why it is so good to talk to people like you , a highlight of my day , a cheeeeeese moment as you say ! May God follow you on your journeys and lighten your load , keep you safe and bless you with happiness and good health Andre ~ . Have a great weekend . and dont forget to have alot of fun "CHEEEEESE"

Oh , I would vote for you !!!!!!!Bet alot of others would as well .

cynthia said...

Great post. If it makes you feel any better, I feel your frustration. We have a bad habit of taking what would otherwise be a great place to live, and destroying it. The end result is what we call planet Earth.