Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tagged again

I've been tagged again. As I've mentioned before, I normally don't post tags, but I just don't have anything else to talk about right now.

Yep. You heard correctly. Mr. "I've got an opinion about everything" doesn't have anything to talk about today. I suppose that I could talk about some things: my nephew (which always makes me happy); certain houseguests who have overstayed their welcome (which makes me not-so-happy); President Bush - who always seems to find a way to annoy the hell out of me; or how lazy our office secretary is.

But, for the sake of simplicity, I'll just go with the tag. Enjoy...

7 things to know about me...

- I'm highly opinionated
- I'm a self-taught drummer
- I can draw just about any cartoon out there
- I don't eat pork (With work, I'll eliminate meat altogether)
- I talk in my sleep
- I've got a weird mole on my neck
- I'm only one of two people on both sides of my family with green eyes. Maybe I'm adopted. Maybe my fellow green-eyed bandit is my long lost sister.

- Failure
- Rejection
- Death (both mine and others)
- The idea of knowing that people, even some close to me, won't receive salvation
- Being alone
- Being hurt (see agliophobia)
- The idea of the Rapture/Apolcalypse (I don't care how saved I am, the idea of Jesus hanging in the middle of sky drawing people up, angels blowing trumpets, dead people rising, a war at Armagedon, and 1000 years of Hell on earth doesn't sit well in my stomach)

7 RANDOM MUSIC AT THE MOMENT... (Even though this one verbally didn't make much sense, I think I know where this one was going)
- "Pieces of Me" by Ashlee Simpson (at least I think she sang it. No telling these days...)
- "With all My Heart" by Joanne Rosario
- "Love's Holiday" by Earth, Wind, and Fire (but they've got too many winners to count!)
- "We Still Belong Together" by Lisa Loeb
- "Heavenly Choir" by the Canton Spirituals
- "Love Train" by ConFunkShun
- Anything from Earl Klugh, but particularly "Whispers and Promises"

- Paris (France, not Texas)
- Tokyo
- South Africa
- My friend's future movie studio (*wink, wink)
- London
- Another planet
- The Nation's Capitol (like I said, "another planet")

- Sleeping
- Video games (I'm a kid at heart)
- Jazz music
- Watching skilled drummers do their thing
- Writing
- Reading (non-fiction and stuff from my blogging friends, especially)
- Sitting at home doing nothing and being unproductive

7 PEOPLE I LOVE THE MOST... (I've got a couple of rules for this one. (1) I can't use full names. Don't want the world pissed at me for putting their names on the 'net) (2) Please don't be offended if you're not on the list. I love a LOT of people!)
- My sisters (OK, I cheated by putting three people on one line)
- My parents (cheated again)
- My brother and, of course, my nephew (cheated yet again)
- My best friend, JD
- My sister's best friend, JB-O
- My friend's son, WCR
- My aunt Faye

- "But, I digress" (usually, I do)
- "My whole thing is..." (whatever point I'm trying to make follows this line)
- "Dagnamit" (This one helps when you're trying to cut down on the cussing)
- "Uh...what?"
- "So, what's your point?"
- "That's hot in the streets"
- "No worries"

- Whomever. No worries...


7 "Insiders" spoke their mind. Join in...:

Diane said...

Hey, Andre, good job on the list. :-)

I have several things I want to post on, but I am waiting on the landlord while he's changing out my bathroom sink, thermostat and waterheater. I have to jump up and get this or do that at any minute, so I don't have more than 5 minutes to devote to blogging at a time. I HOPE to post something later today.

Hope everything is cool with you, and I can't believe you don't have an opinion on SOMETHING you're dying to disperse over the interweb. :-)

No worries, though, something will kickstart you soon, I know.....

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Andre MY GEM,
Say it aint so , that would mean I have been having impure thoughts !!!! I think it would be great to have you for a brother ,but I would loose the rushing pink cheek feeling when you mention me on your blog and wouldnt be able to flirt with you !Diane would love that LMAO
You are so interesting Andre , and I am now off to find out about this "Earl Klugh" I love new things and havent heard of him before , (please dont think less of me haha) hope to find something on the web. If you like it , it has to be good , see you later HANDSOME , brother or not your a CUTIE! Nice to get to know alittle about you on this post :}

thehc said...

Really???? Nothing to talk about? But Ken Lay of Enron fame died today, before he served a single day of his prison sentence. I thought you'd be all over that one. I still enjoyed your piece though.

Andre said...

@ Diane: Hey you! Glad you could take a second from "Home Improvement Extreme Makeover" to comment!

I'm sure I'll get out of my writer's block. Whether I like it or not, God always finds a way to put something on my heart. Stay tuned...

@ Greeny: Dude, you're waaaay too much! Careful with all of those compliments; I might start believing them.

If you have email and the Windows Media Player, I think I might be able to send you some of my Earl Klugh songs. Just say the word. I think you'll like him.

@ HC: Ken Lay is dead?! Wow. Would it be inapropriate for me to start singing "Ding dong. The witch is dead"?! But, seriously, that's SOME news. In a way, it's unfortunate. I mean, death is never pleasant, even for people who we might feel deserve it.

I'll dig up some info on it and maybe it'll find its way on my blog. Unless, of course, you've already beat me to it.

Thanks for the heads up; in a morbid sort of way...

kim aka "big sis" said...

I love you too Andre!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hello Again My GEM
Do I have email , OH yes indeed , I sent an email to you , no attachments and it bounced back ?????????, either your inbox over flowith or you have me on a blocked list !!!!!naughty boy !
I looked up mr KLUGH on the net , very interesting , I like it very much , I could not find the album you said was your fav, but will keep looking . Great sound , so thank you for the intro:}I will be spending some time getting to MR KLUGH ,,,sounds a little better than it is haha :}

Hope your having a fun filled weekend and may God watch over you and keep you safe

Andre said...

@ Greeny: Your emails bounced back?! What the hades?!

Perhaps you didn't use the correct email addy (since my inbox is definitely not flooded. It's got like 15 messages in it; hardly enough to it to runneth over). Try or

Patiently waiting...