Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tag, I'm "it"...

Uh oh! I've been tagged again. I usually don't post tags on my blog, since I reserve my thought(s)-for-the-day for commentary, but I really liked this one and thought I'd share it. Here's my response to being tagged. Enjoy:


I AM: alive only through the grace of God.
I SAY: plenty of hurtful things to people that I wish I could take back.
I WANT: too many things which may be outside of God’s will for me.
I WISH: I were a more rounded person.
I MISS: some of my once-close relationships.
I HEAR: that Al Gore might be running for President. I certainly hope so. I might start liking Democrats again…
I WONDER: where my Charlie Parker CD is.
I REGRET: the cynicism I have about relationships (intimate, social, and otherwise).
I AM NOT: created to be miserable. This is the one idea that keeps me from jumping off of buildings sometimes.
I DANCE: about as often as I play point guard in the NBA Finals.
I SING: a lot. In the shower; in my car; in my church choir. Whether or not I sing WELL is another story…
I CRY: mostly when my heart is especially burdened.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: the follower of Christ that I need to be in a world like this.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: music, blog entries, and artwork (namely, cartoons).
I WRITE: to rant and pontificate, but mostly to express.
I CONFUSE: the idea of “being right” and the idea of “doing right” much too often.
I NEED: God to restore newness in me everyday.
I SHOULD: learn to stop complaining so much.
I START: most conversations by stating my point, then playing "Devil's Advocate", but then quickly moving back to my point.
I FINISH: most arguments by "agreeing to disagree". Unfortunately, not everyone does.
I LOVE: my life; good, bad, or indifferent. It’s God’s gift to me. But, more importantly, it’s God gift to Himself and everybody else.
I TAG: anybody who took the time to read this. :)


18 "Insiders" spoke their mind. Join in...:

Diane said...

Thanks for the insight into "Andre". I learn more about you all the time, and I'm convinced if we lived closer to one another, we'd be close friends. Even though I live in the South, it's not that unusual anymore to see white/black friendships and marriages. I have some good friends that I grew up with that are black, and I don't get to see them nearly as much as I'd like. Miss Rosie Thompson was a good, Godly woman, and I miss her so much.

I did the "I Am..." tag a while back. I've been tagged for another one, but I don't know if I'm gonna participate in that one or not. Hmmmmmmm.......... :-)

ajbendaƱa said...

Hey andre i was wondering if you have ever heard of the flower of life? If not i was hoping to see if you would check it out. i want to here your unbiased opinion of it.
I stumbled upon it through a series of "coincidences," if you can call them that.
If you are intrested heres were i found the information. And some articles pertaining to the subject.

Andre said...

@ Diane: Hey Lady Di.

While I wouldn't call this particular post "Inside Andre's Head: The Definitive Collection", I'm happy that I was able to disseminate that much more information about how my mind, heart, and soul operate. I've had a ball sharing with you and the rest of the Internet world. :)

I'm encouraged by your views on human interaction irrespective of race, class, and all of the other socially created barriers that we create. This is probably one of the things about you that interest me. Just by virtue of the variety of blogger buddies you have, I can tell that you're not a typical person who confines yourself to those who are like you. You're really a person after God's heart.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by. Nice picture, by the way...

@ ajbendaƱa: What's up Aldo? Honestly, I really don't know about this organization. Not enough to provide thorough commentary, anyway. But, one thing's for sure with me: I wouldn't be at all suprised if there was a connection between the wonders of science and God. Could it be possible that some freak act of science (that God orchestrated) resulted in Moses splitting the water? Was there a scientific explanation for how Jesus walked on water? Did the "Big Bang" happen when God said "Let there be light?"

For all I know, God's wonders and science could be linked. That goes to show how great He is...

monique said...

Stupid question time....What, exactly, is a tag? I'm not up on a lot of the cyber stuff. By the way, how are things going for you?

Andre said...

Hey Monique:

Believe it or not, I'm not much of the cybernetic guy myself. That said, I really don't know how to define a "tag" in technical terms. So, to my knowledge, tags are lists of different subjects and categories (i.e. "10 things to know about me are...") sent to an assortment of people in a chain-letter type of style. After you finish your 'list' you pass it on to other people for them to do; and so on.

If anybody else has a better explanation, go for it..

By the way, I'm not still not doing that great. But I'm getting there. The way I figure, there are some things in this world I can't change. So why bother worrying about them, right?! Thanks for your concern, nonetheless...

Andre said...

In fact, Monique; I'm tagging you right now...

Fill in the blanks with your own responses:


I'd love to see what you have to say...

Diane said...

Awww, Andre, you're making me blush!! Thanks for the compliments, and I do hope you're doing better. The offer still stands if you need to vent or just talk. My email is on my profile, or try to catch me on Yahoo Messenger sometime. :-)

thehc said...

Hey Andre,
Nicely done. If I could be so bold, you should add one more. "I Thank" In my case, "I Thank" Andre, for putting up with my sometimes adversative opinions and helping me see the other side, even if I don't always agree.

joanne said...

Nice "thought-for-the-day". I was really touched by the line: "I LOVE: my life; good, bad, or indifferent. It’s God’s gift to me. But, more importantly, it’s God gift to Himself and everybody else."

Sometimes we lose sight of why it is we were created. God didn't create us for ourselves, He created us to worship Him and to serve others.

Good job of pointing that out!

Andre said...

@ Diane: Thanks eternally for the offer, but I won't turn my problems and issues into yours. I've done enough of that already. Besides, while I don't have a problem being honest about how crappy I might feel, I can't sit around and gripe about things all day. I guess that I don't believe that TRUE resolution comes by harboring on things. I can FEEL bad all I want to, but if I ACT OUT my feelings (especially by griping and ranting), I'm not allowing my conflicts to die.

But, thanks for your concern. Really.

@ HC: Dude, you've challenged me more than you know. I'll have you know that YOU, for instance, were the one who showed me how Democrats are screwed up; especially with people like Senator Byrd. I carry a lot of our discussions with me.

I learn more from you than you may realize. Thanks!

@ Joanne: Once again, I was humbled by your kind words. I agree with you when you say that we don't belong to US, we belong to God. We belong to others.

Thanks for sharing!

monique said...

I am... a child of God, a loving daughter, an awsome sister, a good friend, and a wonderful girlfriend.

I Say... what's on my mind, which can sometimes get me in trouble.

I want... to be married with children someday and live a successful life.

I miss... the love ones who have passed away. My childhood, times were easier then.

I hear... my boss coming, so I might have to stop..... False alarm :)

I wonder... why God takes away the good and leave the bad.

I regret... not taking a job offer.

I Dance...mostly at weddings, but I will be taking Salsa lessons tonight. (rock!)

I my puppy who I treat like a baby.

I cry...when I'm happy or sad, when I see others crying, when something bad has happened to me or someone else, when a child is being born, at weddings, at chick flicks, etc, etc.

I am not always...patience, I have a low tolerance.

I make with my hands...beautiful music, (well, at least I think so) I play the piano.

I write...comments to blogs, music, fictional stories, journals.

I confuse...being in love with being infactuated with someone

I have more patience

I the Bible more

I start...getting nervous whenever I have to play the piano for an event.

I finish...what I start

I love...God, my family, my friends, and my puppy.

I one!

How did I do, Andre

Andre said...

Not too shabby, 'nique. Thanks for taking the time to actually do this! I was only joking about you being tagged!

But, for what it's worth, I really enjoyed what you had to say. It sorta puts a face behind the commentator.

Thanks again!

cynthia said...

Really nice tag, Andre. I enjoyed yours too, Monique.

monique said...

thanks guys :)

cynthia said...

I AM: a loving wife, mother, daugther, and sister (or at least I try to be)
I SAY: what I mean and mean what I say.
I WANT: happiness and peace through God.
I MISS: my grandfather and his wisdom.
I HEAR: the clickity-clack of my keyboard.
I WONDER: what Heaven is like.
I REGRET: not finishing college.
I AM NOT: obtuse and difficult to deal with.
I DANCE: all the time!
I SING: far worse than Beyonce, but better than Ashanti.
I CRY: when I see people suffer.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: a good Christian.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: music (I play the violin) and paintings.
I WRITE: short stories for my children, my own personal journal, and comments in people's blogs.
I CONFUSE: helping others and handicapping them.
I NEED: to read my Bible more often
I SHOULD: get off this computer and get my kids ready for school! :)
I START: what I finish.
I FINISH: every book I read.
I TAG: Nothing. Body sprays just don't do it for me. It was a joke! Get it? Tag body spray. Oh, never mind!


Andre said...

Nice Cyn. Thanks for blessing me with your tag.

I see that you have a little sense of humor, too. Not bad!

cynthia said...

It's important to laugh a little sometimes.

*Please make a note of that Mr. "Occasionally angry, especially when provoked."

Andre said...

Very funny, Cyn. You will excuse me if I don't die laughing...

Smart alec. :)