Thursday, May 11, 2006

I wish I was President Bush

Never mind the fact that he's a blithering idiot. Never mind the fact that he makes up his own words during speeches. Never mind that, as a 'leader', he has made America the laughing stock of the world.

Sometimes, I wish I was George W. Bush.

(1) He's rich and privileged.

(2) Despite being incompetent, a constant failure, and...well...a moron, he manages to keep his followers supporting him.

(3) Finally, when he scratches his friends backs, they scratch his.

Must be nice to be President...


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rhynoman said...

Dude, all you've gotta do is come up with your own Andre-isms, be born into a family of wealth, and have friends in the oil business.

What's so hard about that?

Not a republican said...

I'm new to your blog :)

I'm not knocking this comment in particular but having gone back and read some of your previous posts, it's obvious that you're a Christitan. However, as a Christian, you do an awful lot of complaining on your posts. It seems that between having trouble with friends, being afraid of trouble that you have yet to face, and making random statements about our Pres, you seem to be quite the whiner. I'll keep reading and praying for both your growth and my growth. Reading your posts reminds me that Christians complain way too much.

Like I said, I'm not, in any way, defending our Pres. I just think we, as Christians, shouldn't complain about random nothing-ness.

Also, You wrote several posts boosting your friends and then wrote several knocking them. Your dicotomy about your church was pretty ruthless (the beginning part, at least)

What message are you sending to baby Christians? Okay I'm begeinning to ramble so I'll end it here. :)

Andre said...

@ rhynoman: I think you already identified the "hard" part about being the Prez...

@ not a republican: Uh...hello Bobbie. :)

I think that there is a difference between being critical -- with the hopes of change, reformation, and enlightment -- and just plain ole bitching.

Not being able to find my favorite shoe in my size is whining. Identifying the harsh conditions faced by the Indonesian kid who made those shoes is being critical. There's a difference.

I totally agree with you on one point, though. Christians do complain too much. Far too often, we sit in our bully pulpit and try to beat up on anybody who doesn't think like us. We condemn people like the Pharisees did. However, I believe that -- in our attempt to truly know God, we open ourselves to His love, grace, and tolerance without losing sight of our calling. And, yes, you CAN be critical in the process.

I mean, even Jesus made it a point to be critical of those hypocrites known as Pharisees.

Anonymous said...

Good point. I think there is a big difference between complaining and criticising. Complaining is whining about not getting what you want when you want it. Critisism is about calling out the wrongs and injustices in the world...toward all of mankind.

"Not a republican", God wants us to experience him and to help the lost to experience him also. But when Christians claim to fight for him by complaining about stuff (use of the ten commandments, shuting down gay marriage, or trying to force prayer in schools, to name a few things, that gives Christians a worse name than being critical of important, pressing issues like hunger, poverty, racism, or war.

joanne said...

I can buy that. I think that I've come to expect something controversial, argumentative, or critical from you, Andre.

For a good rant, I can always count on you! LOL! :)

Andre said...

@ anonymous: "Complaining is whining about not getting what you want when you want it. Critisism is about calling out the wrongs and injustices in the world...toward all of mankind."

You know, I never really thought it about it that way. That's a great point. It's not like my posts are "complaining about my job (while the country is in an economic recession) or how my head hurts (when there are people out there who are missing limbs). Most of my thoughts are critical discussions about how we can -- or SHOULD -- improve the conditions of the world; socially, politically, spiritually, etc. Some of my thoughts are even a product of the very proactivity that I've try to take myself...

I don't think that God would've blessed me with an eye to see how jacked up world is if I couldn't also be critical of it. For me, It would be even more messed up if, given what I know, I just sat on it all. Many of history's greatest progressive movements came when somebody said, "You know: something's not right about this. Let's see what we can do..."

Criticism, to me, is one stop on the road to progress.

@ joanne: Look who's talking, young lady! :)

Thanks for your comments.

thehc said...

I suspect your only joking, so I gave you a couple of reasons you WOULDN"T want to be G.W.
(1) Christmas with the rest of the Bushes.
(2) Golfing with Jeb.
(3) Explaining to your grandkids why they have to pay off your debt.
(4) Pretending that you think Rumsfeld is a likeable guy.
(5) Taking advice on everything from your dad.
(6) Dealing with a media that hates your guts.
(7) Realizing that the only person that agrees with you 100% is Rush Limbaugh.

Andre said...

@ HC: What's goin' on, my friend?

Actually, I was serious. I can imagine why somebody would think I was joking. After all, we are talking about one of the biggest idiots to ever walk this earth.

But, I serious. Despite a clear lack of acumen, he still manages to get that stuff I mentioned. Despite all the things you mentioned, the man is RICH. I think that I'd tolerate some of the things you mentioned if I had the same dollar signs next to my name as this moron did...

Perhaps one of the reasons I don't like him -- along with most celebrities -- is because I'm jealous of them. :)

Andre said...

I'm kidding about the "jealousy" line.

It's more like envy, which I guess, is equally as bad...