Wednesday, May 31, 2006


If you've ever checked out my profile, you'd see that one of my favorite movies is Bedazzled. It's probably one of the few comedies out there that's actually funny. But, above all, its story relives the old addage "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it".

In the movie, the main character (Brendan Fraser) is willing to do anything to capture the love of a woman; including selling his soul to the devil (Elizabeth Hurley) for seven wishes. Each one of his wishes comes true, but with a comedic and ironic twist. He asks to be rich and powerful; she turns him into a Columbian drug lord. He asks to be famous; she turns him into a professional basketball player with a do I put it...winky. He asks to be a charming and alluring intellectual; she turns him into a highly renowned, Cassanova-type author--who just happens to be gay. Each one of his wishes comes true, but not in the way that he expected.

I'm starting to realize that sometimes God uses the same twisted irony when He answers prayers. That being said, I think that my new mantra would have to be "Be careful what you pray for, you might get it." Why do I always seem to learn these types of lessons the hard way?! Oh, that's right! Because I pray to God.

I guess you can say that I had it coming to me.

My experiences have made me realize one simple truth: When we go to God with a specific request, we need to be fully aware of all of the ramifications of that prayer. Simply put: Don't pray to God for strength. If you do, He'll throw tough situations in your face to make you strong. Don't pray for wisdom. If you do, He'll give you challenging and damn-near impossible problems to solve. Don't ask God for direction. If you do, don't be suprised if He tosses you out in open water and causes you to find your way to Him. Don't ask for healing unless you're willing to get punched in the face. Be careful what you pray for.

You've been warned...


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cynthia said...

Thanks for the warning. I'll keep that in mind when I'm praying for a husband. Don't want to wind up getting a husband who's crazy. :)

natasha said...

Very nice post, Andre.

Monique said...

I'm an avid reader of your blog, but I usually don't respond. After reading this last entry I felt that I had to. Please don't take offense to this, because I just wanted to know.....

Why are all of these unfortunate things happening to you?

With the exception of your political enrties, why are most of your blogs about someone treating you unfairly or not being considerate of your feelings. What I'm trying to say is that could it be that YOU are the common denominator? Could it be that YOU are the one who needs to look in the mirror? I'm not trying to be mean, and I know that this is YOUR blog, but I was just wondering why your issues are mostly about what someone has done to YOU.

Andre said...

@ cynthia: Most men (maybe with the exception of me) are crazy anyway. I'm joking. Sort of...

Thanks for your comments.

@ natasha: Thanks!

@ monique: If you don't mind, I'd like to answer your question with a question: Who said that this entry was about how someone is treating me unfairly? I'm not trying to call you out on this one, but I would strongly recommend that you reread this post (I assure you, I'm not trying to throw in a cheap plug to market my page! *smile*)

The point of this post was to remind people not to ask God for things unless they're willing to go through things to get them. I can't expect God to bless me with a Mercedes (bad example, because God's blessings go much beyond some silly item that loses value with each mile, but you get the point), unless I'm willing to pay a hefty car note, outrageous gas prices, maintanence fees, etc...

But -- just to show that I'm not avoiding your question: Why are the "issues" I raise about what someone has done to me? Well, because they are.

For all I know, the ill-treatment that I get could be God's way of forcing me to extend myself beyond the things and people that make me comfortable. Essentially, I'm being forced to take all of my eggs out of two or three baskets.

I'm not sitting here lamenting about that (that period has come and gone), but that doesn't mean it's still not on my heart. I don't mind sharing my experiences with others for the sake of giving someone else strength or getting insight/encouragment myself.

Hence, my blog.

Thanks for your concerns! Please, holla at cha boy again!

Georgia Girl said...

Hello Andre,

I'm also pretty new to your blog. After reading a few of your posts (though inspirational and VERY well written), I have to agree that some of them sound...well...whiny. I think that when we go through hard times, it's easy for us to blame everyone and everything except for ourselves.

I think you really have to ask yourself what role you play in your hardships.

I'm not trying to judge, but since you don't seem to mind throwing your opinions out there and you state that you're an "intellectual", I figured that you wouldn't mind a little constructive criticism.

But, all and all, I love your blog.

kc said...

Oooh! She got you, dawg. I know you're not gonna take that!

Andre said...

@ KC: *Shakes my head* You're not gonna rest until I'm behind bars for assault, are you?! Always the instigator...:)

@ Georgia girl: Welcome to my head. It may get a little bumpy in here every so often, but I hope you've been enjoying the ride so far.

Thank you for your comments and your "constructive criticism". But, I wouldn't exactly say that I've been 'whiny' about anything. There are some things that -- yes -- are pretty close to my heart. But I don't make it a habit to bitch and moan about it. Expressing my concerns, troubles and hurts just for the sake of doing it is one thing. It's another thing to do it so I can develop myself and possibly edify others in the meantime.

To your second point: I never said that I don't play a role in any of the situations that I deal with. I'm just pointing out that everything is not always my fault, and I'm not always wrong about how I feel. The way I see it: other people/things contribute to my hardship as much as I do. If you can't see that, (or refuse to), that's not my fault. In fact, I'm not really casting blame on anyone. I see it as God revealing to me -- through these situations -- that maybe I need to switch gears and walk away. This isn't to say that anybody is right or wrong. It's just that God may be telling me to get out of any situation where resolution won't come.

For instance: Imagine going into a bank to request a loan. Despite the fact that YOU THINK that you have an adequate credit history, that bank might think otherwise. You can argue with them all night long and their position won't change. They can show you numbers, graphs, and figures to support how bad THEY think your credit is all night long but you won't budge either. The only solution is to walk away and go to another bank.

All that being said, I've already recognized my role in my 'hardships'. But, it's not all on me...

I hope this clears up some things.

I've gotta get back to work, but please, feel free to drop me a line whenever!

joanne said...

I was also a little critical of you too, Andre.

But after I read your response (good analogy), I understand where you're coming from.

My only concern for you is that you seem to "walk away" too easily. If something or someone is THAT important to you (as you put it, "close to your heart") you wouldn't be so quick to lay it all down.

Is this something that Christ would have you do?

Andre said...

@ joanne: Thanks for your concerns.

Sometimes life doesn't yield the type of results we want or expect. I could sit around crying about it all day or I could lament for a second and then redirect my feelings and insight elsewhere.

I think that it always hurts Jesus' heart when someone refuses to accept Him (similar to how He rejoices when someone comes to Him). But, I don't think He's forcing the issue; He allows us to make the choice. If it's not the 'right' choice, He'll let us be.

We should do the same thing. At least, I think so...

Anonymous said...

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