Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Taking shots at the VP

Apparently, your vice president accidentally shot a fellow hunter while they were enjoying a day of quail hunting. Quail hunting! I wish I was making this up.

Comedians and talk-show hosts have been having a field day with this one at Cheney's expense. Events like this are just the ammunition (no pun intended) that they need to take shots (again, no pun intended) at Cheney. In fact, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart commented saying that comedians shouldn't even get paid for this one; it was almost too easy of a joke.

What's not funny about this situation is that it represents a much deeper issue. How is it that people are still dying in Iraq, terrorism is allegedly so bad that Bush has resorted to illegal wire-tapping, Katrina victims are getting seriously neglected (FEMA is now being investigated for squandering millions of dollars on luxury hotels, food, and...yes...erotic material), the econonmy sucks, and social services are on the verge of being cut, and Cheney has the time to go quail hunting?! Maybe somebody should 'accidentally' mistaken him for a quail.

Uh...er...um...I take that back. You never know who reads my blog...


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Anonymous said...

I wonder if this relates to the idea that some people are too old to drive. Just like I think their driver's license should be revoked, Cheney's gun license should be revoked!

Drea said...

Hey Andre!

Did you here that the guy, who was shot, apologized, saying that he was sorry for all the trouble HE put Cheney's family through? How much do you think he's getting paid?

Andre said...

'Sup Drea?! It's good to hear from you.

Good question. I really can't tell how much this guy's getting paid for this. It must be a lot. I mean, WHAT shooting victim apologizes to their shooter?!

"Yeah. I know you were aiming for that bird flying way up there in the sky. So, I apologize for blocking your way. While I'm at it, I'm also sorry for all the attention drawn to you and your family because your old, blind a** can't tell the difference between me and a bird. Thank you." That sounds about right, doesn't it?

Now do you see what I don't like these idiots?

Thanks for your comments.