Wednesday, February 01, 2006

State of what Union?!

Ever since I really started to follow politics, I've always hated State of the Union addresses. But this one, undoubtedly, was the worst one I've seen to date. Here are some highlights:

  • Bush started off honoring Coretta Scott King which -- under normal circumstances -- would've been cool. But, incidentally, this was only moments after Samuel Alito -- opponent of Affirmative Action, gay/lesbian rights, women's rights -- was appointed to serve on an already discriminant Supreme Court.
  • Your boy spent a large segment of the speech defending his viewpoints on his war. Instead of at least recognizing the viewpoints of opponents, he called them "defeatists". Not exactly bipartisan, is it?
  • Speaking of which, why did I continually hear the word "bipartisan" while looking at a clearly divided house?! (applause)
  • There was very little attention paid to Katrina victims. The trauma didn't die for the victims just because the storm did.
  • Bush refuses to give up on the connection between the conflict in Iraq and our national security. You know that awwl 'dem A-rabs look alike anyway.
  • What is this "America is addicted to oil" stuff about?! Why did he decide now to get all concerned about the energy conservation? Shouldn't he have been saying that four years ago; before his buddies at Exxon Mobil raked in $36 billion in profits this year?! Why now?!
  • Permanent tax cuts?! Yikes!
  • Bush claimed to "create" 4.6 million new jobs. Tell that to GM and Ford employees.
  • He also called for more support of the Patriot Act. Not only does he want to spy on us illegally, he wants us to be OK with it.
  • Did anybody catch the "cutting 140 'non-defense' programs" line? Who cares about little Johnny being able to read?! We're at war!
  • Given my last observation, is there any wonder why Social Security, Health insurance, or presciption drugs weren't really addressed that much?
  • What about the shout out to the dead soldier's family?! How could they sit there without throwing something at this guy?! I know I tried to (except it's hard to throw stuff through a TV).
  • Speaking of dead soldier's families, did you hear that Cindy Sheehan was arrested for wearing an anti-war shirt? Appropriateness aside, wasn't that a violation of "free speech"?
  • Apparently Bush believes that immigrants are vital to a steady economy. Ohhh! That makes sense. I mean, what's a steady economy without clean hotel rooms, fast service at Walmart, and hot food from McDonald's?!
  • Spoke out against embryo testing, but supports human pesticide testing and torture. Hmm...
  • Bush refuses to abandon the culturally biased No Child Left Behind Act. Sure scores are up. But what do you expect in curriculia that only concentrates on tests?!
  • Finally...I counted 64 (yep, that's s-i-x-t-y f-o-u-r) interruptions for applause. Let me remind you: this was a 51-minute speech.

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