Friday, February 17, 2006

One person's trash...

Has someone ever given you something that they themselves found no value in? Once you realize how much of a gold mine that thing was, did it make you feel bad for the person who gave it away?

I feel that way about a great CD that my mom gave me. Though she received it as a gift herself, she found no value in it and passed it on to me. It wound up being one of the best CDs in my collection; and one of the most soulful...

The album: Now more than ever...worship. The artist: Joann Rosario.

Truth be told: I never heard of Joann Rosario until I copped my mom's CD. But, once I listened to it, I fell in love. I fell in love with her. I fell in love with music. I fell in love with God.

This woman has such an amazing voice; such a passionate spirit; such an inspirational testimony. She triumphed from literally not being able to speak three years ago to producing one of the best gospel CDs I've ever heard. Not only does this album expound on the themes of devotion and worship, but it also reminds me of how great God is. This is especially important for me during the times where I need uplifting the most.

So, if you want a CD that embodies true worship and praise in spite of your conditions, this one is definitely a winner. And to think, my mom hated it...

Her loss is my gain!


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ellena said...

I've heard this CD too. Though I can really appreciate your enthusiam, it just didn't do the same thing for me. I love "I hear you say", but that's about it.

Her first CD was better. It was called More, more, more.

I think you'll like it.

Andre said...

I had a chance to listen to her first CD. I thought it was 'OK' work. I personally love her latest joint.

Take a good listen at this album. I think you'll be blessed!