Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hurricane relief ???

I just saw an interesting video of New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin testifying before Congress. I tell you! If I wasn't trying to be more Christ-like, I could strangle somebody!

It is absolutely shameful to hear about how things were mismanaged in New Orleans after Katrina. It was disturbing to hear Nagin discuss how supplies, material, equipment and people were actually in New Orleans, but were not being used in an effective or timely manner. Meanwhile, thousands of residents were left stranded in a drowning city.

If this isn't enought to make you righteously indiginant, I don't know what is...

Warning: Don't click on the link if your blood-pressure is high or if you're inclined to throw things. I don't want you damaging your computer.


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Anonymous said...

Very sad to see how low some people will go.

I'm glad the Mayor Nagin testified. It reminds us of how inconsiderate people can really be.

Nagin for president!