Sunday, January 01, 2006

My 2006 predictions

Here are my predictions for 2006:

  • Despite the moronic Republicans in the Congress, Democrats will lose the midterm elections.
  • The country will experience another whopper of a hurricane season.
  • Saddam Hussein will continue to be confused with Osama bin Laden.
  • There will be another physical altercation at the Source Awards.
  • The Bush Administration will start bringing a few troops home just before election time.
  • GM will file for bankruptcy.
  • The unlawful NSA spying scandal will occupy the media for another month, then fade away.
  • Michigan will win a BCS bowl game.
  • Katie Holmes will have a nervous breakdown and go back home to live with her parents. Shortly after that, Brittany Spears and Kevin what’s-his-name will break up. Boo hoo hoo...
  • Gas prices will rise above $3 per gallon.
  • Nip Tuck will be cancelled after its fourth season.
  • The GOP leadership will be remain clueless.
  • Somebody I know will either get engaged or file for divorce.
  • Howard Dean will say something stupid.
  • BET will continue to be culturally degrading to black folks.
  • New Orleans will continue to be inadequately rebuilt.
  • The Detroit Pistons will avenge their 2005 Finals lost to San Antonio and win it all 4-2.
  • MTV will have an episode of Punk’d where the President is told that Osama bin Laden has been found.

What are yours?

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