Thursday, December 01, 2005

Complain fasting

Not too long ago, me and a friend were talking about how we, as Christians complain too much. Seeing that God is ALWAYS blessing us, we thought it to be appropriate to stop griping so much. So I decided to challenge myself to go on a "complaing fast". The idea was simple: I couldn't say one negative or disparaging comment all day long! I've gotta admit, it was a looooong 24 hours! But with God's strength, I made it through. During this time, I noticed some significant trends about my complaining:

  1. Most (not all, but most) of my complaints were not constructive.
  2. I often gripe about things I can't control.
  3. EVERYTHING seemed to bother me.
  4. Being bitter caused me to miss out on God's blessings
  5. I was incisive and, sometimes, flat-out mean with my complaints; even against "good" things.
  6. Avoiding people didn't stop me from complaining about them. I'd hit 'em with long range complaint missles.

I tell you! It's truly amazing how God will reveal things to you if you allow Him to. Through my "fast" God showed me that I need to extract the 'gripeful' and, sometimes, unappreciative spirit that I manifest at times.

As the song writer expresses, "Morning by morning, new mercies I see." Each day that I'm here is another day that God has blessed me to see. It's up to me how I spend it. Will I spend it thanking and glorifying Him for all He does or will I spend it whining and griping?


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Sunny said...

What an amazing idea! God is good!