Friday, December 16, 2005

"Apprentice" racism?

If you recall, I have a post in my blog that expressed my support for Randal on NBC's The Apprentice. Well, he won. And rightly so. But the 'controversial' way that he won has had online bloggers licking their chops with comments.

Let me give you Reader's Digest version of how it all went down:

In the season finale, the two remaining contestants for the prize of employment by Donald Trump (the idiot that he is) were Randal Pinkett and Rebecca Jarvis. Both contestants were absolutely amazing. But, when it was all over, Trump chose Randal over Rebecca. At the end, Trump asked Randal whether he should hire Rebecca as well, which would have been a first for the show. But Randal basically said "Uh...hell no!" He responded by stating that the show was called "The Apprentice, not the Aprenti", clearly implying that to win it all was the sole designation and there should only be one winner. Trump went with Randal's decision.

Haters all over the place were calling Randal's move selfish and inconsiderate. But, was it really? I mean, didn't he have a point by stating that -- in a competition -- there is only one winner?! As much as we like to make people feel good by saying that "there are no losers", the truth this: there are. Not every basketball player makes it to the NBA. Not every actor receives an Academy Award. Not every Apprentice contestant wins a job.

I think that what bothers me most about this whole thing is that the minute a black person wins on The Apprentice, Trump waters down the award by considering hiring both finalists. Where was that plan when Kwayme was fired over that white guy? I REALLY hope that wasn't Trump's intention. If it was, I'll have to go to NYC, track him down, beat him up, and comb that damn hair of his.

Your thoughts?!


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The Reaper said...

Interesting argument.

I wonder what would have happened if Rebecca was chosen...

Anonymous said...

Give me a break! How selfish does a person have to be to deny someone else a job!

I can't believe you people try to use the race card! Grow up! It's 2005!