Wednesday, November 16, 2005

No end in sight...

I've seen this image a thousand times before, but it always seems to strike a chord with me. If you look closely, this collage is a collection of photos of soldiers killed in this senseless Iraqi war that's been going on now for over two years. Manipulated correctly, these images take the shape of the person most responsible for this seemingly indelible situation: your President.

Now, I've always been against this war and its author, Mr. Bush. Whether it was sold to the public by using outright lies and fear tactics or if it was the result of innocent but serious intelligence failures, the fact remains that we are still fighting and dying in Iraq, when it has been made clear that it posed no formidable threat to "our freedom". With no reasonable exit strategy, a lack of clearly defined objectives, and a faceless enemy, this conflict ranks up there with some of the most dangerous and irresponsible blunders in our time. Evidenced by the widespread decline in support of this war (even on the part of conservatives), it seems that I'm not the only one who is in opposition.

I've always been humored by the stories that Bush and his friends used to try and convince the American public . You know. The ones where Saddam had a Death Ray pointed directly at each one of our houses and would strike at any moment. The ones where Cowboy Bush and his desperados were the only ones who could protect us. Isn't it funny how most of the "protective" mechanisms that Bush uses to "fight terrorism" (i.e. pre-emptive war, Patriot Acts, heightened security, etc.) are even more spooky than terrorism itself? Before you answer that one, I dare you to type "how to blow up a building" on Google or to yell "I've got a bomb" at an airport. Go on. I double dog dare you!

But when my humor about this whole situation dies down, I'm reminded of all of the innocent people; Americans, Brits, Iraqis, etc.; whose lives have been forever changed or even destroyed by the destructive agendas of a few old, white men (my apologies to the old white men to whom none of this applies). People who have never been to war, much less picked up a weapon are quick to send someone else's kids, parents, spouses, family, and friends to fight battles that they create with rhetoric. Equally as disturbing is the idea that anyone who shows the slightest bit of protest and dissent against these "Stupid White Men" are then called 'un-American'. Well, if America is a symbol of violence, destruction, greed, world domination, idealogy force-feeding, and hypocrisy, then I guess I'm guilty as charged.

I can only pray that the God that Bush claims to love and defend so much will bless his heart with a spirit of love and submission to truth before more innocent people are added to this collage.


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Anonymous said...

Clearly, you're one of those crazy ass liberal bleedhearts who would rather "kiss and make up" with terrorists than to stop them from attacking us. It's goddamn sissies like you who get on my fuckin' nerves. Always trying to protest, contemplate, and dialogue while terrorists are killing Americans. Bush has done SO MUCH GREAT stuff for our country, only to have it all criticized by pansy-ass motherfuckers like you.

Shut the hell up and grow some fuckin' balls!

Monique said...

Wouldn't you rather have them fight the war over their in Iraq than down the street from your house??

Andre said...

The point that I'm making here is that we shouldn't be fighting them PERIOD!

This "war on terrorism" (as vague and unwinnable as it is) hasn't made me feel any safer. In fact, I feel like I'm at much more risk now that Bush has turned this into (officially titled) The War on Middle Eastern culture. He's creating the enemy that he claims to fight.

And, for our 'anomymous' friend. Thank you for showing your testicular fortitude by sending hate mail to a blogger (without leaving identity at that). You really showed me!