Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Brawl (one year later)

It's a year to the date of the now infamous brawl between the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers. I have to admit that I found the whole thing entertaining. I suspect that it had more to do with the analysts and the commentators than the actual fighting. But it was entertaining, nonetheless. See for yourself:

I thought that it was ironic that the league went down so heavily on Ron Artest (one of the key players in this whole thing) by suspending him for the entire season. After all, it was overreaction from Ben Wallace from a foul, coupled by a fan's instigation that caused the conflict to brew in the first place. In my opinion, Artest was, for lack of a better phrase, a "victim of environment".

The expectation with professional, HIGHLY PAID athletes is that certain standards apply to their conduct. To a large extent, I agree. But, let's keep it real here: before they are professionals who make a bunch of $$$, they are humans, first and foremost. If you have people hurling beer at you, shouting obscenities and, worse yet, attacking you, then--chances are-- your first response is "Kick his @#$"; not "Oh well, I'm rich. I've got a standard to uphold."

Money can buy lots of things. But, rest assured, it can't buy civility.


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silent_cat said...

I remember watching this too. I was also suprised by the NBA's response to this situation. The Detroit fans were a disgrace to watch.