Monday, October 10, 2005

God Bless America (and apparently, no place else...)

This image only captures a morsel of the story...

The world has been watching in horror and shock as the news has been reporting on the devestating earthquake in Pakistan that has created a death toll of anywhere between 35 and 40,ooo people. Oddly enough, even as people have been suffering on a widespread level, many people fail to show sympathy for their fellow man. I was left aghast that, while most of the world turned its attention to the tens of thousands of people suffering in Pakistan, American media focused primarly on missing white girls, New Orleans "looting", Brad and Angelina, and the NY Yankees. Un-frickin'-believable! Does tragedy have to strike on our soil for us to pay it any attention? 9/11 comes around, and it reshapes our country; but mass murdering in Africa, destructive tsunamis in southeast Asia and violent earthquakes in the middle east get five minute coverage. Amazing!


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Anonymous said...

Really sad.